Monday, July 2, 2012

The Leap


A serpent twined in front of me
Its head hidden, no end to see
As the beast below me wildly roared
Alive again, we hit the road!

As I raced the breeze, it turned to whirly winds
Whizzing past, it seductively singed-
‘Fly! Why take the dust.
Feel the skies, I say you must’

So as the next bend approached,
We bent not and leapt - then downward soared!
I wrenched, I cried, in fear I groaned
The skies shone bright above, I moaned.

It was the end as we know
The burning door to hell below!
Then in a flash, a white stream gushed
And into the currents we were flushed

My hope lost, all spirit drained
I cursed the skies that mockingly rained
The stream I hit ignored my blow,
And coolly carried its onward flow.

Yet, my beastly mate was still determined
And thundered at me for a hundredth time!
Relenting, to its want I rode
This time, over the currents we strode.

As I raced the waters, it turned to rising tides
Standing tall, it convincingly cried-
‘Fly! Why take the rust?
Fight the skies, I say you must’
And so as the storm approached,
We blinked not and leapt – then this time, upward soared!
I celebrated, I cried, in laughter I rolled
Over the winds, into the skies we rose.

I have been here for a while now
And from the heavens I see how
The mocking sky and the unyielding beasts
The rivers flowing by and the rising seas-
All wait, for my one leap!

- Gantavya                                                   Photo Credits- Nagaraj
  3rd July 2012


Richa said...

Great piece of work!!

ketki said...

very very well written!
Y don't u post it on NDTV Poetry corner?

Piyush Waradpande said...

Amazing! :) Well written and well said!

surbhi said...

Nice :) waiting for more...